How to Install WAMP Server [2023]

WAMPserver installation
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Wamp Server installation Process

WAMP stands for Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Its works like a virtual server your local machine and allow developers to work on any type of PHP development using Apache and MY Sql.

In other terms it’s a package of Apache, MySQL and PHP for window system and allow to install all at once rather than installing each separately.

How to install?

To install WAMP on your local computer first you need to download it from its official website  here

Choose 64 Bits (X64) or 32 Bits (X86) as per your system configuration. Older versions are also available on source Forge website

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Run Install as an administrator and follow the steps

Choose your language

Chose location where you want to install WAMP Server. I recommend do not install it your operating system partition like for example C: drive and use separate drive for it.

Choose default options and click on next button.

Once the installation is done restart your system and run WAMP manually once.